Australia reveals pre-poll plan to balance budget in 2 years

May 8, 2018

Australia reveals pre-poll plan to balance budget in 2 years while cutting taxes

Australia to release budget with looming election in mind

May 7, 2018

Australia's government is expected to release annual spending plans with a focus on winning votes at elections due within a year

New Zealand leader triumphs abroad, faces pressures at home

Apr 24, 2018

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern returns triumphant this week from a trip to Europe but still faces political pressures at home

New Zealand's central bank to weigh employment in decisions

Mar 26, 2018

New Zealand central bank to consider employment and inflation when setting interest rates, other monetary policy

Southeast Asia leaders urge tough stance on North Korea

Mar 18, 2018

Southeast Asian leaders and Australia's prime minister call on North Korea to end its nuclear program and urge United Nations countries to fully implement sanctions

Southeast Asia leaders use Australia meet to talk NKorea

Mar 18, 2018

Australia's prime minister says Southeast Asian leaders were using their meeting to discuss the "deadly threat" posed by North Korea's nuclear weapons program

Southeast Asian leaders to sign security agreement in Sydney

Mar 17, 2018

Southeast Asian leaders will sign an agreement on regional cooperation against violent extremism as the risk from returning foreign fighters grows with Islamic State group militant losses in the Middle East.

New Zealand puts aside Russia trade plans after nerve attack

Mar 16, 2018

New Zealand has put aside plans to pursue a free-trade deal with Russia and joined other nations in condemning the country following the poisoning of a former spy in Britain

Southeast Asian leaders gather for first Australia summit

Mar 16, 2018

Southeast Asian leaders gather for their first summit in Sydney at the weekend as Australia sets the stage for closer economic and security links to its nearest neighbors and demonstrators prepare to protest Myanmar and Cambodia's human rights records

Turnbull says US set to grant Australia tariff exemption

Mar 10, 2018

The U.S. appears set to grant Australia an exemption from its new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports following discussions between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

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