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Australian leaders open hostile rift over office affair

Feb 16, 2018

Australia's prime minister and his deputy have criticized each other in an open and hostile rift over politically damaging revelations that the deputy is expecting a baby with a former press secretary

Parliament rejects call for firing of Australia's deputy PM

Feb 15, 2018

Australia's beleaguered deputy prime minister has withstood a vote that would have called for his firing after revelations of a relationship with a former staffer

Australian deputy prime minister under pressure to resign

Feb 14, 2018

Australia's deputy prime minister is under pressure to resign as his party's leader over revelations of a relationship with a former staffer who is now pregnant

AP interview: Qatar Air CEO sees growth despite Mideast spat

Feb 13, 2018

AP interview: Qatar Airways chief executive says carrier will post an annual loss amid a boycott by neighboring countries, but the Middle East's second largest airline will continue to grow

Cyclone destroys Parliament House, homes on Tonga, Fiji next

Feb 13, 2018

The Pacific nation of Tonga is cleaning up damage from a cyclone that destroyed its Parliament House, as well as homes and churches, and was intensifying as it headed toward nearby Fiji

New Zealand lawmaker Bill English quits after election loss

Feb 13, 2018

New Zealand's opposition leader Bill English is leaving Parliament after losing last year's election

Former Aussie leader blames funding for indigenous setbacks

Feb 12, 2018

An Australian prime minister who a decade ago set an ambitious timetable for ending indigenous disadvantage has blamed a lack of government funding for slow progress

Australian lawmakers debate banning sex with staff members

Feb 9, 2018

The prime minister has talked down the need in Australia for a U.S.-style ban on legislators having sex with staff, but declined to say whether he had intervened in his deputy's relationship with a press secretary

Australian premier to apologize to child sex abuse victims

Feb 8, 2018

Australia's prime minister says he will apologize to victims of child sex abuse in churches and other institutions

Australia's Aboriginal life expectancy gap widens

Feb 8, 2018

A report has found that Australia has failed to close the gap between the life expectancies of its Aboriginal and non-indigenous people and the difference is widening

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