5 lawmakers leave Australian Parliament due to foreigner ban

May 9, 2018

Five Australian lawmakers have been forced from Parliament in an ongoing legal wrangle over a 117-year-old constitutional ban on dual citizens standing for election

Australia reveals pre-poll plan to balance budget in 2 years

May 8, 2018

Australia reveals pre-poll plan to balance budget in 2 years while cutting taxes

Australia to release budget with looming election in mind

May 7, 2018

Australia's government is expected to release annual spending plans with a focus on winning votes at elections due within a year

Australian court convicts Muslim woman for failing to stand

May 4, 2018

The wife of an Islamic State group recruiter has given the militants' single-finger salute outside a Sydney court after becoming the first person convicted under a new state law of refusing to stand for a judge

Ford fined by Australian court for mishandling complaints

Apr 26, 2018

Ford Motor Co.'s Australian subsidiary has been fined 10 million Australian dollars ($7.6 million) by an Australian court for mishandling customer complaints about faulty automatic transmissions in thousands of cars.

Norfolk Islanders claim rare medal on Australian mainland

Apr 8, 2018

Norfolk Islanders Ryan Dixon, Haydn Evans and Phillip Jones claimed a Commonwealth Games lawn bowls bronze medal on Australian mainland soil on Sunday. It was only the second game medal ever for the islanders, and was a very big moment.

Abbott hints at still having Australian leadership ambitions

Mar 27, 2018

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has hinted he still holds leadership ambitions as his replacement struggles to improve the government's low polling

New Aussie deputy prime minister elected after resignation

Feb 26, 2018

A new Australian deputy prime minister has been appointed after his predecessor quit over a sexual harassment allegation

Australia deputy leader quits Cabinet over harassment claim

Feb 23, 2018

Australia's beleaguered deputy prime minister has resigned from Cabinet over an allegation that he sexually harassed a woman

Parliament rejects call for firing of Australia's deputy PM

Feb 15, 2018

Australia's beleaguered deputy prime minister has withstood a vote that would have called for his firing after revelations of a relationship with a former staffer

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