Polish President Duda defends government's judicial moves

Aug 22, 2018

During a visit to New Zealand, Polish President Andrzej Duda has defended the moves his nation's government have made to take control of the judicial system

Australia's Turnbull survives leadership vote; Dutton leaves

Aug 21, 2018

Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called on his government to unite behind him after he survived a leadership challenge Tuesday, defeating a senior minister in an internal ballot that is unlikely to settle questions of his support

Australian's Parliament speech on 'final solution' condemned

Aug 15, 2018

An Australian senator is being condemned for his speech in Parliament advocating reviving a white-only immigration policy and using the term "final solution" in calling for a vote on which migrants to admit

New Zealand bans most foreigners from buying homes

Aug 15, 2018

New Zealand has banned most foreigners who don't live in the country from buying homes as it tries to tackle runaway housing prices

Law ending sperm donor secrecy helps Australian find her dad

Aug 3, 2018

Australian state stripped away anonymity promised to sperm and egg donors with law that has brought unexpected joy and upended lives

Australia bans covert foreign interference in politics

Jun 28, 2018

Australia's Parliament has passed sweeping national security legislation that bans covert foreign interference in domestic politics and makes industrial espionage for a foreign power a crime

Australian spy and lawyer charged over East Timor scandal

Jun 28, 2018

A former spy and his lawyer who accused the Australian government of illegally bugging the East Timorese Cabinet while negotiating a deal to share oil and gas revenue have been charged with conspiring to disclose secret information

Australia to ban covert foreign interference in politics

Jun 26, 2018

Australia's House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved national security legislation that would ban covert foreign interference in domestic politics and make industrial espionage for a foreign power a crime

Australian Senate delivers $106 billion in income tax cuts

Jun 21, 2018

Australia's prime minister has won a political victory with the Senate passing personal income tax cuts worth 144 billion Australian dollars ($106 billion) over a decade

Australia wants foreign interference laws in place in June

Jun 8, 2018

Australia's attorney general has urged Parliament to pass anti-foreign interference laws this month ahead of five by-elections scheduled for late July

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