Australian court verdict pending on deputy leader's future

Oct 12, 2017

Australia's High Court has ended a hearing on whether the deputy prime minister will be disqualified from Parliament for breaching a constitutional ban on dual citizens becoming lawmakers, a verdict that could cost the government power

An Australian court considers: Can dual citizens make laws?

Oct 11, 2017

As Australia's High Court decides the fate of seven lawmakers who could be disqualified from Parliament because they hold foreign citizenship, some feel it's time for the country to nix a ban on dual citizens from serving in the legislature

Australia's government argues against dismissal of lawmakers

Oct 10, 2017

Australia's government has told the High Court that it should not take a constitutional ban on dual citizens being elected to Parliament literally as it decides on the fates of seven lawmakers, including the deputy prime minister

Australia's High Court to consider fate of 7 lawmakers

Oct 9, 2017

Australia's prime minister says he is confident that government lawmakers will win a court challenge this week that threatens his administration's slender majority

Rapper Macklemore wades into Australia's gay marriage debate

Sep 28, 2017

U.S. rapper Macklemore is wading into Australia's gay marriage debate by vowing to sing his marriage equality anthem "Same Love" during a weekend rugby final

Australian who faked cancer fined for false donation claims

Sep 28, 2017

Australian cookbook author Belle Gibson, who falsely said she beat cancer through healthy eating, has been fined by a court for misleading consumers by lying about her charitable donations

Australian senator argues for burqa ban in public places

Sep 14, 2017

An Australian senator who a month ago provoked an angry backlash by wearing a burqa in Parliament has urged lawmakers to ban full-face Islamic coverings in public places

Australians to soon post ballots in gay marriage survey

Sep 12, 2017

Australians will soon begin receiving their postal ballots on legalizing gay marriage as a new opinion poll shows that most of those who intend to vote over the next month are in favor of marriage equality

Australian court dismisses challenge to gay marriage survey

Sep 7, 2017

Australia's highest court has cleared the way for the government to conduct a public survey on whether gay marriage should be legalized

Egypt's Coptic pope meets Australian prime minister

Sep 6, 2017

Pope Tawadros II has met with Australia's prime minister and senior government officials during the first visit to the country by the spiritual leader of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church.

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