Australians support legalizing gay marriage in survey, letting Parliament consider measure to allow same-sex weddings

Nov 14, 2017

Australians support legalizing gay marriage in survey, letting Parliament consider measure to allow same-sex weddings

Aussie Parliament loses 8th legislator in citizenship crisis

Nov 14, 2017

An independent Australian senator who is British by descent has become the eighth lawmaker to leave Parliament in recent months over a 116-year-old constitutional ban on dual nationals running for office that threatens to bring down the government

Australia's croc hunter is unlikely gay-rights champion

Nov 12, 2017

A self-described straight crocodile hunter from Australia's socially conservative north will cut short a United Nations assignment in New York to lead reform in his homeland if Australians vote to legalize gay marriage

Australian court to rule on deputy leader's fate on Friday

Oct 26, 2017

Australia's High Court will rule Friday on whether seven lawmakers including the deputy prime minister are eligible to sit in Parliament in a case that threatens the conservative government's slender majority

Australian state takes step toward legalizing euthanasia

Oct 20, 2017

An Australian state has taken a step toward allowing voluntary euthanasia 20 years after the country repealed the world's first mercy killing law

Australia dismisses North Korea letter as rant against Trump

Oct 20, 2017

Australia's prime minister has dismissed a letter from North Korea to the Australian Parliament and other countries as a "rant" against President Donald Trump and a sign that the rogue regime is "starting to feel the squeeze" of escalated sanctions.

Australian govt pushes easier language test for new citizens

Oct 19, 2017

The Australian government says it's prepared to relax its proposed English language test for new citizens as a compromise to get other tough new restrictions on attaining citizenship through Parliament

Australian casino denies lawmaker's criminal allegations

Oct 18, 2017

A lawmaker has accused a major Australian casino company of rigging slot machines and concealing potential money laundering at its largest casino with the state regulator covering up criminal behavior

Australian court verdict pending on deputy leader's future

Oct 12, 2017

Australia's High Court has ended a hearing on whether the deputy prime minister will be disqualified from Parliament for breaching a constitutional ban on dual citizens becoming lawmakers, a verdict that could cost the government power

An Australian court considers: Can dual citizens make laws?

Oct 11, 2017

As Australia's High Court decides the fate of seven lawmakers who could be disqualified from Parliament because they hold foreign citizenship, some feel it's time for the country to nix a ban on dual citizens from serving in the legislature

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