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Reduced Super Rugby competition to show if less is more

Feb 15, 2018

Super Rugby looks for gain after pain in 2018

Australian cardinal blames inquiry for sex allegations

Feb 14, 2018

Lawyers for the most senior Catholic cleric to face sex charges have told an Australian court that the allegations stemmed from publicity surrounding a national inquiry into child abuse three years ago

Former Aussie leader blames funding for indigenous setbacks

Feb 12, 2018

An Australian prime minister who a decade ago set an ambitious timetable for ending indigenous disadvantage has blamed a lack of government funding for slow progress

Australian lawmakers debate banning sex with staff members

Feb 9, 2018

The prime minister has talked down the need in Australia for a U.S.-style ban on legislators having sex with staff, but declined to say whether he had intervened in his deputy's relationship with a press secretary

Australian premier to apologize to child sex abuse victims

Feb 8, 2018

Australia's prime minister says he will apologize to victims of child sex abuse in churches and other institutions

Australia's Aboriginal life expectancy gap widens

Feb 8, 2018

A report has found that Australia has failed to close the gap between the life expectancies of its Aboriginal and non-indigenous people and the difference is widening

Aussie anti-gay marriage opponent attends same-sex wedding

Feb 2, 2018

A former Australian prime minister who was a leader of the national campaign against gay marriage last year has attended the same-sex wedding of his lesbian sister in Sydney.

Australian refugee advocates say 40 refugees bound for US

Jan 23, 2018

Refugee advocates say a group of 40 refugees denied entry to Australia has left an immigration camp on Papua New Guinea bound for resettlement in the United States

Australian prostitute convicted for infecting man with HIV

Jan 19, 2018

An Australian jury has convicted a transgender prostitute of causing grievous bodily harm by knowingly infecting a client with HIV.

Criticism of Margaret Court is muted at Australian Open

Jan 15, 2018

Marriage equality proponents draped themselves in rainbow flags on the first day of the Australian Open to protest Margaret Court's views on gay marriage. Several, however, stopped short of saying Court's name should be stripped from the venue

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