Prominent Plastic Surgeon Advises Patients on How to Get the Best Rhinoplasty Results

May 24, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - The plastic surgeon who has been called the best rhinoplasty provider in Newport Beach has come out with some advice for patients and prospective patients. Dr. Aaron Kosins said proper preparation and excellent aftercare are both key factors in getting the best outcome. He said individuals who are considering rhinoplasty, whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, should have an in-depth discussion with their surgeon well before the procedure. This consultation is key in determining whether the surgery will be right for the patient. It also helps the doctor to take any special requirements into consideration.

Dr. Kosins said one of the most important things to discuss is the patient’s medical history. “After finding out the patient’s motivation for getting surgery and learning their desired outcome, we take a detailed medical history. We ask about past surgeries, nasal obstruction and the medications they take, and it’s important that they tell the truth,” he said. The plastic surgeon said patients also undergo a complete physical exam and blood tests. The doctor also examines the patient’s facial structure and nose. This helps him to determine how the individual’s skin and cartilage may affect the results of their surgery. The exam also helps to predict how rhinoplasty will affect their breathing.

Someone from the doctor’s office will take photographs of the patient’s nose from varying angles, and these will be manipulated on the computer so they can see the possibilities. Dr. Kosins, who heads The Rhinoplasty Center, said surgeons use these photos for reference during surgery, and for long-term reviews and before-and-after comparisons.

Dr. Kosins said post-operative care is just as important, both immediately and in the medium term. He said that patients need to ensure they rest with their head raised higher than their chest to limit bleeding and swelling. The doctor added that patients may find that their nose is congested because of the swelling or the splints which were placed in their nose during surgery. However, he gave the assurance that this was normal along with slight bleeding and the drainage of old mucus and blood. This can go on for a few days following surgery or after removing the dressing.

The internal dressings stay in place for up to a week after surgery along with a splint to a protect and support the nose. Patients may also have a small piece of gauze placed under their nose to absorb drainage and this should be changed as directed by the doctor. “For several weeks after surgery, it is best to avoid strenuous activities and avoid blowing your nose. We also advise patients to take baths instead of showers while the bandages are in place,” Dr. Kosin said.

The rhinoplasty specialist who sees patients from around the world said even diet is important after surgery. He said people who have had nose jobs should eat foods which are rich in fiber so they don’t get constipated. Constipation often leads to straining which can put pressure on the surgical site. Meanwhile, reducing the intake of salt can help the swelling to go away faster.

“Everyone’s case is different, and healing takes time but following these steps can really help to make the process go more smoothly,” he said.

Dr. Kosins took over the top-rated center in 2016 and he and his team have several excellent reviews of their work in plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty. The center specializes in non-Caucasian rhinoplasty. Dr. Kosins said it was important to understand the differences inherent in varying ethnicities. Different skin types and facial structures present different problems and the techniques used have to be different. These patients may also have different desired outcomes.

Those who are interested in getting more information on Dr. Kosins or is work can visit They can get details on the various procedures and see before-and-after photos of the surgeon’s work. Those who are ready to schedule a consultation can also do so on the website.


For more information about The Rhinoplasty Center, contact the company here:

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