CBT Mass Email Sender Cutting Costs and Increasing Efficiency Despite a Tough Economy

Nov 27, 2020

Small businesses have seen reduced operational costs while increased business regardless of the market’s conditions with the Presidential Elections, COVID-19 as well as Black Lives Matter Protests.


Email marketing has continued to play a pivotal role for a wide array of businesses when it comes to generating more business. In fact, it has played an even greater role given the recently challenging times due to COVID-19 pandemic as well as the Presidential Elections and Black Lives Matter Protests. This is where CBT Mass Email Sender has helped SMEs significantly.


According to several reports, businesses which deployed the mass email sending software in their companies have seen remarkably reduced costs and improved efficiency at the same time. This is mostly due to the fact that CBT Mass Email Sender is a Bulk Email Sender Software that has been developed for sending out mass emails to large marketing lists.


Speaking about the rave reviews from customers, the spokesperson from Creative Bear Tech was quoted as saying, “The main objective of the software is to allow you to achieve a high inbox rate and avoid suspensions and bans. The software has many sophisticated features. And we are highly pleased to know it has been making a huge difference for our customers.”


Needless to say, for businesses that thrive on email marketing, the CBT Mass Email Sender is a lifesaver as it can allow them to send thousands of emails effortlessly while achieving a high inbox rate.


For more information about the software, visit the official website on https://cbtmassemailsender.com/digishop/cbt-mass-email-sender-desktop-software/

About the Company

Creative Bear Tech is a lead generation, SEO and software company based in London, United Kingdom. Established in 2019, the company has grown to have a portfolio of over 7,000 clients in a short span, comprising startups, local businesses, wholesalers, blue chip companies as well as popular household brands. With state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, the B2B company has 5 international offices currently.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Sergejs Grinfelds

Email: info@creativebeartech.com

Phone: +447574518259

Website: https://creativebeartech.com




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