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Apr 7, 2021

London, United Kingdom Apr 7, 2021 ( - Shiv Thakor is a performance coach, life coach, and consultant who is taking people's performance to the next level with his mentorship skills. Working in various areas of personal development, he has worked with an array of business owners, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, coaches, CEOs, actors, creative artists, and leaders in his professional journey.

Shiv Thakor's coaching methods aim to challenge and transform the mindset of his clientele. With experience as a professional athlete, he is very direct in his approach, unapologetically honest, solution-focused, and result-orientated who is driven by legacy unleashing potential and achieving the impossible with his invasive knowledge on mental wellbeing. He imbibes relentless work ethics and mindset, problem-solving efficiency, individual control and is driven, inspiring, and competitive. Providing one-to-one coaching, he implements methods, tools, frameworks, and scientifically proven psychometric/axiological profiling to pave the way for improvement in behavior, values, talent attributes and decision-making capabilities of his client list. His sportsman ethos compiles into a fully aware and tough mental space by building the resilience and ruthlessness required to succeed. Through his experiences and knowledge, he helps clients to remove their limiting beliefs and mental blocks to set them free. Not only will he help you change the way you think, but he will also challenge your perception. 

In life, 10% is what happens to you because of physical circumstances while 90% of it is how you perceive or see it. With this renewed perspective, you will see the world like never before, unlocking a world of endless possibility and opportunity. Understanding the importance of self-confidence and mindset through his background as a professional sportsman, Shiv Thakor works with his clients to unlock their potential. Through his holistic approach to life coaching, he appreciates the importance of a well-balanced life. With his clients, he covers a number of areas to ensure every stanza of your life is not only transformed but working in unison to achieve the goals we set out to accomplish in the course of our lives. Some of Thakor's areas of coaching and development include:

  • Peak performance
  • Leadership
  • Self-awareness
  • Authenticity 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Gaining clarity
  • Strategy 
  • Execution
  • Happiness/ fulfillment level
  • Sense of purpose
  • Goal setting
  • Productivity/ taking action
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Career
  • Confidence/ self-belief
  • Motivation
  • Assertiveness
  • Personal development
  • Communication skills
  • Business start-up
  • Decision-Making

Shiv Thakor's driving force is excellence, fulfilling potential, and greatness but his perceptions have always been inspired by legacy. According to him, humans are mortal but what continues to live on forever into eternity is legacy. As a former professional sportsman, he has experienced every high and low that life throws at us as per the universal cycle. His life has been a journey of defying the odds and chasing greatness. From humble beginnings, he has always been driven by two things, excellence, and legacy. Through multiple experiences and years, he has crossed paths with some incredible people and been lucky to see some amazing things. Overcoming challenges and obstacles have become a way of life. The undulations of life changed the course of his vision and perspectives and curtailed a career he worked to excel in for over two decades.

Shiv Thakor has been centered on elite performance and maximizing potential while overcoming the limitations that others feel they can set upon us. His satisfaction lies in the pleasure of seeing others grow into the people they have always wanted to be. As a life coach, he uses all of his personal experiences and focuses his unrelenting passion to help transform the lives of his clients. It is imperative for everyone to find their true self through exploration and contemplation. Only when one accepts his true self can he or she begin the journey towards personal and professional enlightenment. Shiv Thakor guides you through this journey of self-realization and through words of wisdom; you reach the crossroad of all your inbound potential finally showcasing itself in all its glory. Visit for further information.

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