Youngest Iranian American film Director Amin shahrbanoo

May 20, 2020

Amin is writer and filmmaker who is known for his first movie called "The Stranger"

Los Angeles, May 21, 2020 ( - Amin Shahrbanoo is a writer and director, with a debut film titled "The Stranger". The Stranger is a science fiction and drama piece. Amin is currently in post production with The Stranger. The Stranger will be on amazon prime on December 2020.In a time when sci-fi /drama genre films are predicting the what the future holds; nanotechnology, space travel, Mars, wormholes, interstellar wars, and artificial intelligence, The Stranger takes a different ápproach. It is essentially a period piece juxtaposed with current time. Amin digs back into the 60s, into the life of a lonely man on a ranch, who finds himself confronted with time travel into our time.

Amin Shahrbanoo born on (February 9, 1995) is an Iranian American Director, filmmaker, Amin also known as Writer and Producer. On age 20 he has started shooting music videos for some Persian celebrities, and he had performed in theater productions all through out school.

Amin started his first film school on age 16 and he made a short films, commercials, and documentaries, on 1 September 2017 Amin decided to start his first feature film "The Haunted House" which was an horror movie, however he put the idea on a crowdfunding website to raise some founds to start the project, but due to no founds and help he decided to stop the project, Amin was so disappointed but he didn't give up so he decided to work on his second film which cost less than first project, Amin started his first feature film "The stranger" on March 2018 with his own founds with no support and sponsors, and release date is 2020.


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